Who we are.

No Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), based in Richmond, VA, was formed in the late summer/early autumn of 2014 in response to the announcement of new fracked gas pipelines proposed to cross cut Virginia and neighboring states, along with a growing awareness of the tyrannical role Dominion Resources and its subsidiaries play in both the environmental and political spheres.

In addition to the ongoing work of education, connecting, and co-organizing with frontline communities in the Commonwealth, No ACP has directly organized or helped to coordinate multiple direct actions and marches in Richmond targeting Dominion, Governor Mcauliffe, and multiple local, state, and federal agencies involved in the policy and infrastructural permitting for fossil fuels.

In February 2015, No ACP coordinated the Richmond People’s Climate March and three-hour blockade of Dominion Resources headquarters and trading center. Early 2016 saw the announcement of Dominion’s plans to dump toxic coal ash wastewater into the James and Potomac Rivers, followed by Dump Dominion: A March for Our Rivers in February, with an attendance of over 700 people from across the state (the largest anti-Dominion protest in Virginia history). This was followed by coordinated actions such as a sit-in at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality led by the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition, and a March on the Mansion headed by Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

This fall, No ACP has been focusing on the proposed pipeline compressor station in Buckingham County, VA as this is a chokepoint for the development process. We have been coordinating with frontline resistance groups and regional non-profits in regards to the local Zoning Commission and Board of Supervisors. No ACP has been hosting various educational events throughout its existence and wishes to continue this thread of sharing bodies of knowledge, skills, and tools to provide communities newer to direct action a strong foundation for action organizing.

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